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I don’t like cleaning my room at all. Or cleaning anything. Ever. Organizing things is okay, I guess. It’s a form of cleaning if you look at it a certain way. But I don’t like looking through things and deciding if I want to keep it or not.  It is just SUCH A PAIN! Well speaking of cleaning… I need to go clean. Grr. -Rosie

10 Rules To Live By

1 ) Be happy!

2 ) Make good friends that will last forever, not ones that will last a day.

3 ) Laugh!

4 ) Try to be organized, but not a control freak.

5 ) Love ♥

6 ) Learn to dance in the rain!

7 ) Each day is a new day; a new beginning! Live it right.

8 ) Work then Play. Life will be much easier this way.

9 ) Listen.

10 ) Respect is key. If you don’t respect others, then you won’t be respected.

These are a few good rules to live by! -Rosie

P.S.- Number 8 rhymed and it sounded tacky but it’s still a good rule! 🙂


I have a History Test tomorrow. Blahh….I don’t want to study but I need to cuz I have NO IDEA how many years is a term for a senator. I think 4? IDK..Why do we have to study history anyway? It happened in the past. So Grrr…… -Rosie

Bears are Epic

I’m back from Wal-Mart and I got a Valentine’s Day Bear. He’s soooo cuddly and soft. 🙂 I ♥ my bear! -Rosie


Howdy…I have some wonderings.  First of all, why is Wal-Mart what it is?  I mean why is it like the main grocery store? Who even made it the main grocery store? It’s like this: Did some huge popular person just decide to go to Wal-Mart and then everybody else followed their example? But there were still some nerdy kids that went to Kroger so it decided to stay around.  I’m not making fun of Wal-Mart or Kroger; I love both shopping centers!  I just want to know why one is more popular than the other. That’s all.  And this came up because I am about to go to Wal-Mart. ROFL! 😀 Have a good night/day! -Rosie ♥

What if… we all drove household appliances?

Ok; Hey!  I have a what if question for ya.  What if we all drove household appliances? For example: refrigerator, bathtub, oven, microwave. (IDK if you would count a refrigerator as a household appliance but I would.) Ooh..and before you could drive an oven you had to start out with a toaster, then a microwave, THEN an oven. And before you could drive a bathtub you had to drive a sink, then a stand in shower, then a bathtub.  ROFL that would be sooo weird! 😀  Just a thought I had.. Adios! -Rosie

Good Songs?

It’s a new day!  Yay!  So I’m here to ask your opinion on what you think a good song is?  I like the song Angel by Natasha Bedingfield and A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.  What do you think? Comment me and tell me an amazing song that’s your personal favorite or that I should listen to!  Have a great day! -Rosie

Harry Potter

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire right now.  It’s good; having to make myself read the series though.  The books get better as they go on…so I’m starting to like it (on the 4th book?!?!) But anyway, it’s super good so far! Thought I would let all you people know that 😛  -Rosie

I cannot

I cannot work this wordpress.  Grr… I cannot delete the uncategorized category.  I guess cause it’s default.  But it’s very annoying!  Well I guess I could use it.  This would be uncategorized so HA to myself I did use it!  Wow that sounded stupid. That’s just me 😀 -Rosie

Life…and the occasional cow

How’s your day going so far people? Mine is going okay-ish.  We got today off from school because of the snow and OMG it was awesome!  I had a snow war. 🙂 And my dog, Gracie, absolutely loves the stuff! She’s a shetland sheepdog and she will hop through the snow; it’s hilarious!  Anyway, I just finished eating a late lunch. Not that you really care. But you might. IDK. I live next to some cows and they wake me up in the morning sometimes.  It drove me insane at first but then I got used to it. :\ I hope you have an awesomely amazing day! -Rosie