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Harry Potter

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire right now.  It’s good; having to make myself read the series though.  The books get better as they go on…so I’m starting to like it (on the 4th book?!?!) But anyway, it’s super good so far! Thought I would let all you people know that 😛  -Rosie

I cannot

I cannot work this wordpress.  Grr… I cannot delete the uncategorized category.  I guess cause it’s default.  But it’s very annoying!  Well I guess I could use it.  This would be uncategorized so HA to myself I did use it!  Wow that sounded stupid. That’s just me 😀 -Rosie

Life…and the occasional cow

How’s your day going so far people? Mine is going okay-ish.  We got today off from school because of the snow and OMG it was awesome!  I had a snow war. 🙂 And my dog, Gracie, absolutely loves the stuff! She’s a shetland sheepdog and she will hop through the snow; it’s hilarious!  Anyway, I just finished eating a late lunch. Not that you really care. But you might. IDK. I live next to some cows and they wake me up in the morning sometimes.  It drove me insane at first but then I got used to it. :\ I hope you have an awesomely amazing day! -Rosie