Life…and the occasional cow

How’s your day going so far people? Mine is going okay-ish.  We got today off from school because of the snow and OMG it was awesome!  I had a snow war. 🙂 And my dog, Gracie, absolutely loves the stuff! She’s a shetland sheepdog and she will hop through the snow; it’s hilarious!  Anyway, I just finished eating a late lunch. Not that you really care. But you might. IDK. I live next to some cows and they wake me up in the morning sometimes.  It drove me insane at first but then I got used to it. :\ I hope you have an awesomely amazing day! -Rosie


  1. Sarah Davis Said:

    Gracie is just the cutest dog ever. You need to take some pictures of her playing in the snow!

  2. Shelby Said:

    Wow man how did u get a blog 🙂 it’s awesome by the way

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