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10 Rules To Live By

1 ) Be happy!

2 ) Make good friends that will last forever, not ones that will last a day.

3 ) Laugh!

4 ) Try to be organized, but not a control freak.

5 ) Love ♥

6 ) Learn to dance in the rain!

7 ) Each day is a new day; a new beginning! Live it right.

8 ) Work then Play. Life will be much easier this way.

9 ) Listen.

10 ) Respect is key. If you don’t respect others, then you won’t be respected.

These are a few good rules to live by! -Rosie

P.S.- Number 8 rhymed and it sounded tacky but it’s still a good rule! 🙂

Good Songs?

It’s a new day!  Yay!  So I’m here to ask your opinion on what you think a good song is?  I like the song Angel by Natasha Bedingfield and A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.  What do you think? Comment me and tell me an amazing song that’s your personal favorite or that I should listen to!  Have a great day! -Rosie

Harry Potter

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire right now.  It’s good; having to make myself read the series though.  The books get better as they go on…so I’m starting to like it (on the 4th book?!?!) But anyway, it’s super good so far! Thought I would let all you people know that 😛  -Rosie